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Skypipe- Natural Daylight Solutions for False ceiling areas


A versatile lighting solution designed for homes, resorts, offices and similar areas with false ceilings. Available in various sizes like 400 mm, 530 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mmm (15.748 inches, 20.8661 inches, 29.5276 inches and 39.3701 inches). This system is tailored to fit seamlessly into your false ceiling setup. It features a prismatic light collecting dome and offers a wide range of diffuser options to suit your preferences.


The unit is UV stabilised, ensuring durability and longevity. The reflective tubing used in SkyPipe boasts an impressive 95% to 99.9% reflectivity, allowing for excellent light and heat control. Compared to similar models in the market, our product offers higher light coverage, resulting in a brighter environment. The system is also customizable, allowing for easy installation on different types of roofs and false ceilings. With its highly uniform lighting spread and roof profile matching roof adaptor, this skylight tube provides a comprehensive lighting solution for any space with a false ceiling setup.

Benefits of Skypipe

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