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Natural Daylight Solutions For Non-False Ceiling Areas - Lightball

Natural Daylight Solutions For Non-False Ceiling Areas - Lightball

Maximum daylight for any space. The Light Ball is an ideal lighting solution for areas without false ceilings, particularly well-suited for warehouses with racks and large reinforced concrete roofs. It comes in various sizes ranging from 300 mm to 1000 mm (11.811 inches to 39.3701 inches ) and offers several notable features, including a prismatic light collecting dome and a wide range of diffusers to meet specific requirements. With a reflective tube that directs light to the floor, it achieves an impressive light reflection percentage of 95% to 99.9%. It not only includes a roof adaptor designed to match different roof profiles, making it suitable for any roof type, but also provides the highest coverage area among products in its category and ensures uniform lighting distribution without generating excess heat. Moreover, this specific product of our company enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space it illuminates.

Benefits of Lightball

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