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RRPA - Reinforced Recycled Plastic and Aluminum

RRPA-Reinforced Recycled Plastic and Aluminum

Introducing Eco Roof and Board, a revolutionary solution made of Reinforced Recycled Plastic and Aluminum (RRPA) with exceptional durability and a virtually infinite lifespan. Specifically designed for long-lasting performance, these products are ideal for corrosive environments like coastal areas and chemical industries. Unlike competing materials such as metal, wood, cement, and asbestos, RRPA is non-corrosive, termites and water/moisture resistant, and eliminates the risk of electric shock accidents. Additionally, it poses no harm to human health like cancer-causing asbestos does.

Available in various thicknesses of 5,8,12,18,25 and 30 mm ( 0.19 inch, 0.314 inch, 0.472 inch, 0.708 inch, 0.984 inch and 1.181 inches ) with optional aluminium lamination, this product reduces heat by 7 to 10 degrees and is made up of 100% reinforced recycled plastic and aluminium making it an eco-friendly product that promotes against plastic pollution.

The advantages of Eco Roof and Board are ample in number. They are water resistant, fire retardant and can withstand sulfuric acid and alkali. With a tensile strength of 99 kg per square centimetre, they are also resistant to salt spray and exhibit excellent thermal reflectivity. Furthermore, the material is non toxic, recyclable and can endure high heat. The applications of these products are also quite extensive. They can be used for battery roofs, eco - toilets, furniture, office partitions, false ceilings, low cost signboards, etc..

Therefore, these RRPA offer unparalleled durability, recyclability and resistance to environmental factors, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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