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Brilantor- Natural Daylight Solutions


This system is the pinnacle of daylighting solutions. It stands as the most advanced product in its category, measuring 4000 X 600 X 300   ( 157.48 X 23.622 X 11.811 inches ) in length X width X height, along with various sizes and provides up to 3 times the lighting compared to its closest competitor. Featuring over 240 diamond-shaped prismatic lenses, Brilantor ensures exceptional daylight collection. Ideal for non-false ceiling areas, this unique solution incorporates a diffuser with a light channelling design.

Advantages Of Using A Daylight Harvesting Brilantor:​

Pain area resolution: Brilantor addresses the drawbacks of current daylighting models.

Universal fixing mechanism: Brilantor comes with a pre-molded, polycarbonate fixing mechanism that ensures no water ingress and accommodates various roof shapes and profiles.

Uniform light distribution: The rectangular shape of Brilantor allows for even spread of light along the width and length of the shed, surpassing conventional daylights.

Enhanced light impact: The diamond lenses on the side of Brilantor enhance the light inside the shed uniformly.

Safety grill compatibility: Unlike other models, Brilantor allows for the installation of a safety grill at the roof sheet level, as there is no protruding pipe below the roof.

Wide diffuser opening: Brilantor's wide diffuser opening of 500 mm x 3350 mm (19.685 X 131.8898 inches) that enables the entry of a large amount of diffused light, covering a greater area than competing products.

Adjustable dimensions: Brilantor can be adjusted in terms of length and width to meet specific lighting requirements, making it a highly flexible and unique unit.

Elimination of common issues: Brilantor eliminates common problems associated with current daylighting systems, such as leakages, mismatched roof adaptors, dependence on sealants, uneven lighting, and limitations on installing safety grills.

Reduced concentration of light: Brilantor minimises the concentration of light below the units, particularly during summer months.

Overall, Brilantor offers superior performance, flexibility, and resolves various limitations associated with existing daylighting systems.